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Should People with Asthma Exercise or Not?


Should people with asthma exercise daily or not? I think that people with asthma really should exercise because everyone needs to exercise, the people that have asthma aren’t the exception. They should exercise and there isn’t any excuse why you shouldn’t exercise at all.

Exercising actually helps you overcome health issues, like you guessed it… asthma! If you run on a day to day basis you may overcome asthma. Your lungs can get used to all the exercise you are doing that it won’t be hard to do exercise anymore.You’ll be able to run, climb mountains, and you can become independent from your medicine. Becoming independent from your work is good because you don’t want to stop in the middle of whatever you are doing, that’s probably very important, just for medicine.

Exercising also stimulates your brain function and helps you get more rational and smarter. Who doesn’t want to be a bit more rational and smarter? Please answer me that question. Kids, if you are smarter you will do better in school and your grades will go up and if you are rational you can get yourself out of trouble. Adults with jobs, impress your boss show him or her what you are made of! Life would be so much better if people were rational and smarter.

Exercising keeps you healthy and fit. It’s important that you are healthy because it could prevent you from having a heart stroke or diabetes or asthma. Everyone needs to be fit because first of all it’s good for you, like you will be stronger and you can do more exercise without difficulty and second of all, you need to be fit to do various normal things you do in your everyday life.

Readers, exercising is of most importance. People with asthma aren’t the exception and just because they have a medical condition doesn’t make them any more special than the rest of us. We all need to be fit and healthy to do the stuff we do in our everyday life with asthma or not. Exercise is good for us it’s one of the most important things we need to do to live or we’d be just some lazy, fat couch potatoes just watching television or on the computer or listening to music on the bed sleeping. That wouldn’t work at all, so go out and exercise!!!

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Student Nomination


The out of class blog I liked the most was Desiree’s Blog. I liked her blog because her posts make you want to write back. Like I answered a lot of her posts. She expresses herself a lot through her writing.  I believe that she could be voted one of the bests blogs of the year.

Challenge Yourself to Blog: Time to Nominate

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Class Nomination


The blog I liked the most in my class was annabanana’s blog. I like her blog because she has a lot of thoughtful and thorough writing. Also because she has a lot of wonderful widgets and pictures on there. She put a lot of effort into these challenges and I think she did a really great job. So please consider as an option. Thank You!!!!     😀

Challenge Yourself to Blog: Time to Nominate

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my wordle


This is a wordle I created about my writing.
Picture 9

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Ode to Erik


He’s only three
but he’s like a monkey.
He was born in August
and he shines like stardust

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If I were President… Estephany


If I were president of the United States of America I would first help the poor people of other countries. Such as Haiti, Guatemala, Africa, and other third-world countries. It would make a lot of difference in the world, so nobody goes hungry or is sick without getting treatment.
One issue I would work on is war. I would work on this because a lot of people are getting hurt and dying. Also, because what happened to world unity?
Another issue I would work on is education. I would work on this because a lot of teachers had been fired. Every little kid is basically our future; we depend on them to make the world a better place than it is today.
One of my last issues is the healthcare problem. Everybody needs healthcare. Just imagine a little baby is really sick and needs medical attention but his or her parents can’t afford healthcare. My fourth issue is helping the people that aren’t U.S citizens. I would help these people because they want to have the same opportunity that we have.
My fifth issue is to bring up the economy. A lot of people are becoming bankrupt and have lost their jobs.
My sixth issue is helping the environment. I would work on this because it’s the only world we have and it also isn’t good for the planet.
Another issue I would work on is restrictions for refineries, to stop making a lot of smoke. People can smell this, causing people to get pneumonia or asthma.
My ninth issue is instead of cars running on gasoline, they could run on batteries. Or etenol [made of corn]. It would save a lot of petroleum and saving the risk of ever running out of petroleum.
My tenth issue is to use trash for other things. Like for example, companies that make alcohol, can use the wastes for compost for the plants.
My very last issue is to not exaggerate the fabrication of weapons.We really don’t need ,like for example, four-thousand zillion weapons.
I would choose loyal,truthful,and people willing to help the community. So, I would appoint my Mom,Dad,Hillary Clinton,Barak Obama,and my best friend,Tulsi. These are the people I would appoint for my cabinet if I ever became the president.

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everyday heroes writing


The Inappropriate — Talk Mikel Foster

I think it was wrong of Deejay Tee to talk that way to third graders. Deejay Tee should of talked to them about going to college and getting a career. Deejay Tee sounded like he was talking to teenagers in high school. Deejay Tee told the third graders that” You will not make it; you will turn to a life of crime and drugs. A few of you will die before you’re twenty. Half of you will be parents when you’re in school.” Who tells this to third graders?

A Great Teacher — Elda Sara Morgan

The teacher I liked the best so far is Mr. Jaquette. One reason was because he had a huge sense of humor. For example, when my friend’s picture was in a boy’s desk, Mr. Jaquette burst out laughing and teased my friend about it. My second reason is that he’s really patient. When everybody was chatty, he’d simply wait silently. My third example is that he rarely ever got frustrated with us. A lot of us got out of our seats or talked without raising their hands, Mr. Jaquette just relaxed and made them go back to their seats and raise their hands. Those are the reasons why Mr.Jaquette is a great teacher!


In the fourth grade I was in a Spelling Bee. It was my turn to go up to the microphone and spell a word. When I got to the microphone, Mr. Mitchell told me to spell the word trustworthiness. I was shocked, even though I knew how to spell the word. So, I started to spell the word; t-r-u-s-t-w-o-r-t-h-i-n-e-s-s. After that I waited silently and terrified of the bell ringing to prove I was wrong.” That’s correct!!”announced Mr. Mitchell. I was rejoiced and proud of myself.

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Hello world!


Hey, I’m Estephany!!!!! I’m a student in Miss.Nichols’s class. A few things that will be on my blog are:

  • my writing
  • announcements
  • some videos

Hope you like exploring my blog!!!!

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My Memoir


Three years ago in the third grade it was I vs. a boy named Carlos. I was terrified, scared, and even a bit hostile. Carlos and I we’re both the finalists of the multiplication quizzes. Which meant we had to take twenty multiplication problems with the number twelve in every single one of them. I was petrified, I wanted to run out of the classroom and hide in the girl’s restroom. I knew I couldn’t do that my teacher; Ms.Holm could have easily lured me out of there. I never thought this day would come I thought to myself. But, it did anyway.
I went to school that day, obviously. I joined Tulsi and my other friend. The treacherous bell rang and as my teacher lead us in the classroom I grew very worried. I couldn’t focus on language arts or on anything else. It was like my head was forcing me to think about math. I was stressed, my body was shaking furiously. Then Ms.Holm shouted, “MATH TIME!!!!!” As I heard this I cried out,“NNNNNOOOOO”. Ms.Holm gave Carlos and I the quiz. As I frantically wrote down the answers to each problem, I kept looking at my paper nothing else mattered to me anymore. Then, Carlos yelled out, “DONE!!!!!!” I felt stupid and slow. Suddenly, Ms.Holm asked for my test, I reluctantly gave it to her. Upset, I sheepishly put my head on my desk.
In all I felt scared , discouraged , and stupid. What I learned was that you can’t win at everything you want to win at. And I’ll never forget the time I thought I was stupid.

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Shampoo Troubles


One day on September1st 2009 Isabella Marie, an average girl who was very smart acted irrational for a few minutes in the shower. “There’s no more shampoo!” she shrieked. So she got out of the shower, put on her robe and went to talk to her mom. “Mom how can I take a shower without shampoo!” she cried. ” Are you serious sweet pea look at you, go get dressed and I’ll give you ten dollars so you can buy shampoo.” said her mom. “Okay mom she obediently remarked. She got dressed in her tie dyed shirt, white capris, and an orange sweater. She rapidly put on her green Vans and grabbed her sweaty ten dollars and walked to the Super Save Mart As she walked on the dirty pavement she saw boys playing soccer, girls in mini skirts walking down the street, and teenage boys smoking cigars. As Isabella Marie passed all the activity going on.”

“Sheesh, what must be going on these days?” she asked herself. Isabella Marie went inside the Super Save Mart and went to the hair products aisle. Just as she was going to get the last strawberry scented shampoo a little baby boy knocked the bottle off the shelter. “Oh, great” she exclaimed. Isabella Marie walked a little further and grumpily and grabbed the blueberry-scented shampoo. Not my favorite, but okay she thought to herself. Isabella Marie went to pay the shampoo, just when there’s a blackout. Then a guy calmly walked in the store and said,”Keep calm everyone it was an accident it will be fixed in no time.” “Uhh, when will this end!” “Sorry kid.” said the hairy clerk. ”Yeah right”,Isabella Marie replied. So she left the Super Save Mart empty-handed So Isabella Marie slowly walked back home. “Why me, why couldn’t I just buy shampoo and be happy. What’s the problem with that huh”, she screamed. Then she heard a faint voice “Shampoo for sell, shampoo of all scents”. Isabella Marie started walking faster, and then the voice was louder and louder. Finally, she approached a girl who was short, had brown wavy long hair, and tan skin.

“How can I help you……….uuuhh…”                                                                                                            

“Isabella Marie!!!”, she said loud and proud.

“Okay then Isabella Marie, how can I help you?”

“You can help me by selling me some shampoo.”,Isabella Marie appealed. 

“Oh about that a fat lady came and bought everything.”the girl with the brown eyes anxiously said waiting for Isabella Marie’s response.

“Oh that’s just wonderful!!!”Isabella Marie sarcastically said.

“I’m so sorry,…I I I”the girl started to lament.

“No it’s okay” Isabella Marie lied. Then Isabella Marie left without another word. Isabella Marie walked back to the Super Save Mart to check if the blackout was over and surely it was.  “Yes!!!”she yelled delighted. She  went to the hair products aisle and grabbed the strawberry shampoo and ran to the check out stand. She paid three dollars and fifty scents. Isabella Marie was so happy that she forgot the shampoo in the Super Save Mart. By the time she realized and went back to the store the shampoo was nowhere to be seen. Isabella Marie got so mad about this she went directly to the manager. There with him she complained about her problem. “Sorry kid its not my problem”, he said cooly

“Oh yes it is your problem!!!”, she snapped.  “Go watch the videos the camera recorded””, she teased. Together they saw the video of her paying the blueberry scented  shampoo.  “Oooohhhh,I told you

“Fine go and get your shampoo and leave” he grumbled

” Thank you”, she triumphantly said. So she left with some thing that smelled like strawberries  in her hand.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!

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